Getting Ready to Vote

  • Get Ready To Vote
    LWV wants everyone to be registered, informed, and VOTE! Get some tips to help you get ready here…

    Voting is a Right & a Responsibility
    • Voting is a right of citizens.
    • Make your vote count!
    • Inform your vote about candidates & issues
    • Vote in both primary and general elections
    • Influence communities. Build a better society
    • Grow good government in Phoenix & Arizona

    Use Mailed Resources
    • AZ Citizens Clean Elections Commission for candidates
    • AZ Secretary of State Pamphlet for ballot
    propositions & judges
    • LWV AZ Voter Guide for propositions
    • Flyers & Mailers . Who’s for & against
    • Other Trusted Organizations

    Use Online Resources
    • AZ Legislature bio’s - azleg.gov
    • Nonpartisan Project VoteSmart.org
    • AZ Central Voter’s Guide – azvotes.azcentral.com
    • AZ Republic Endorsements – azcentral.com
    • Political Parties
    • Other Trusted Organizations
    • Finish your ballot. JPR AZJudges.info

    Research the Issues
    • Morrison Institute at ASU for data & reports
    • KJZZ for reports on issues & events
    • On The Issues for official’s statements
    • AZ Capitol Times for press & updates
    • Local news sources

    Before you vote, know Who’s Who
    • Follow the money & check the facts
    • Annenberg Public Policy Center Player’s Guide
    • Factcheck.org
    • OpenSecrets.org tracks money in politics
    • AZCentral Fact Check
    • Check out the opposition

    Seek Balance among polarized politics
    • Dig deeper. Find room to collaborate
    • Cooperation & compromise benefit all
    • Build a better community and nation

    Need to register to vote?
    • Contact AZ Secretary of State, your county recorder,
    or The League of Women Voters in your area.

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